About Jason Hodgson

Hello! I’m Jason Hodgson (MMus), an Award Winning*, Experimental, and Contemporary Composer with a love for the Wacky and Weird. I have just finished studying Composition at Masters Level and have been accepted to continue my studies into an MPhil/PhD.

My previous projects have involved things like: Indeterminacy, Sweets, Theatre, Improvisation, an Atari, a Pi, a Box, Dice (of various shapes and descriptions), and a Dragon or two.

One of the driving forces in my continuing exploration into the realm of sound and music, is my Asperger’s Syndrome. I believe that my unique outlook on the sound world is because of this condition. With it, I feel comfortable to explore the more… unusual ways of creating music.

I’m not all about music: I’m also a massive Geek! More often than nought this crops up into my compositions. For example, A Mummer’s Farce is inspired heavily by a plot from a Dungeon & Dragons® campaign I was lucky enough to watch, and then I turned it into a One-Man Percussion-Opera that was then workshopped by the equally wacky, and extremely talented Chris Brannick. I have more recently followed this up with a LIVE Dungeon & Dragons® Concert called Adventurers & Artists.

In addition, I am a huge advocate of using ‘play’ as a creative catalyst. By this I mean taking on the role of a child and seeing everything with fresh eyes. But asking yourself the question “What if I do this?…” you can open up a world of possibilities. If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t mean you have failed, it simply means it didn’t work. Maybe take an element you enjoyed about you piece of art, and repeating the same process**.

*Winner of the 2015 Canterbury Festival Composition Competition. with my vocal sound-poem-esque piece ‘A Throne of Games’. For more information visit Composition events in the Michaelmas Term: a Review By Dr. Lauren Redhead.

** For more on my process, check out the series of blogs posts I’m writing for  Canterbury Christchurch’s School of Music Blog.