PhD Update 1 – Call for Composers

This is an informal request for any and all of my followers and readers:

If you know of any contemporary composers (preferably post 2010s) who use Chance and/or Indeterminacy tools/techniques in their work, please do send me the details at

My study brief, as it currently stands, is as follows:

When it comes to the terms chance and indeterminacy in music academia they tend to either be used interchangeably, or they have been identified as separate terms with their own identity and meaning. However, little exists in the ways of determining what the definitions are or could be. Even John Cage, one of the names that comes up constantly in the study of the terms within musical composition did not define what he believed the terms to mean, rather he discussed what they didn’t mean.

Thank you in advanced. There will be more updates on my PhD as I progress.


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